SENtree Training & Therapy


We pride ourselves in providing practical, needs-based training that shares strategies and resources to ensure you are equipped to help the children in your care.

All training can be tailored to your level of knowledge and skill and the needs of the child or children in your care.

We can offer training on the following topics:

  • Building Language Using LEGO® Bricks – A Practical Guide – a powerful resource to develop receptive, expressive and social communication skills.
  • Speech, language and communication needs – how to boost learning outcomes.
  • Speech, language and communication needs – activities for early years development.
  • Autism – strategies to support learning.
  • Autism – environmental changes to support learning.
  • Autism – ‘school readiness’ including preparing your child and the nursery or school.
  • Auditory memory difficulties – classroom strategies to improve learning outcomes.
  • Speech, articulation and phonology – helping to achieve clearer speech.
  • Vocabulary development – teaching new words to improve learning.
SEN Therapy & Trianing
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