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Dawn Ralph

Dawn Ralph

Clinical Specialist, Speech and Language Therapist


I qualified with a degree in Speech Pathology & Therapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, in 1985.  I have worked as a paediatric speech & language therapist since that time. I have specialised over the years in the assessment and treatment of speech, language and communication needs of children with complex needs.

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I spent 10 years working with children with acquired brain injury as head of speech and language therapy services in a paediatric brain injury unit.  I then worked as a clinical specialist in a special school for children with speech, language and communication needs.

I now deliver integrated speech and language therapy services to mainstream school, special schools and to families in East Sussex and the South East of England.

I am co author (with Jacqui) of Building Language Using LEGO® Bricks – A Practical Guide, and deliver training sessions on implementing this powerful intervention across the country.

I am dedicated to working as part of a team to ensure each child meets their full communication potential.

Jacqui Rochester

Jacqui Rochester

Autism Practitioner

BPhil SpEd Autism (Children)

I have worked with children and young adults with SEN for nearly 20 years in a variety of educational settings in London and the South East. Having gained knowledge and experience in a wide range of complex needs, I found myself always drawn to those on the autism spectrum.

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Over the years I immersed myself in self-study and attended many short courses on autism until 2012 when I enrolled at the University of Birmingham Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER).  In 2014 I was awarded a Bachelor of Philosophy Degree in Special Education: Autism (Children) and still now continue to research and study this ever-changing subject. I am a member of the National Autistic Society and an associate member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Their publications, alongside others, ensure that my continued professional development is relevant and current.

Prior to becoming an independent practitioner, I was employed for nine years as part of a team of highly talented speech and language, occupational and physio therapists. I am very thankful to them for sharing their knowledge and expertise of which I still draw upon in my practice. It was in this setting where Dawn and I met.

In early 2016 I made the leap into independence and started my journey as an autism practitioner. As well as co-writing Building Language Using LEGO® Bricks – A Practical Guide with Dawn and delivering training on the intervention, I started working with children and young adults on the autism spectrum. The youngest client who I work with is two and the oldest is 22 so my work and approach is highly individualised. I also deliver programmes in schools and have recently been employed as an autism consultant for a large agricultural college.

One of my passions is sign language and investigating alternative methods of communication for children who have speech, language and communication needs. I am a competent signer of Signed Supported English and I am part of a team of tutors who deliver baby signing lessons to local children’s centres, which is very rewarding.

Recent training attended

Recent relevant training attended:

Intensive Interaction (Us in a Bus 2016)
A Day with Temple Grandin (NAS 2016)
Dean Beadle – Autism, Education and Me (2016)
Autism and Sensory Needs (Cauldwell Foundation 2015)
Autism and Mental Health (NAS 2015)

Recent training delivered

Recent relevant training delivered:

Priory Group Autism Conference (to be delivered Nov 2016)
Interact (Sensory Spectacle 2016)
Embrace (2016)
Autism Puzzles (2016)
The Autism Show (2015)

Plus many whole day training courses delivered to professionals and parents.

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Building Language using LEGO® Bricks – A Practical Guide is a flexible and powerful intervention tool designed to aid children with severe receptive and expressive language disorders, often related to autism and other special educational needs.

Building Language using Lego Bricks
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